About Us

Oregon’s pioneers were successful because they surveyed the land to see where their efforts would bear fruit. They built strong relationships with their neighbors and fellow Oregonians.

At State Street Solutions, we follow the same model for our clients.

We begin by providing an in-depth political and legislative analysis guided by our four decades under the dome and our relationships to all of Oregon’s 90 legislators, followed by a uniquely tailored lobbying plan to meet our clients’ objectives. Some issues are easily achieved in a single legislative session, while others may take more time. It’s the collaboration between our team members and clients that creates the atmosphere for a successful outcome and builds a long-term relationship.

That’s why we’re constantly updating our clients about the progress of their issue, whether it’s through our sophisticated bill tracking system, detailed reports on our secure online client system, or real time updates on Twitter and Facebook about what’s happening at the Capitol. In navigating the legislature for our clients, we build relationships with legislative champions on their issues and connect with key coalitions.

We collaborate to strengthen their grassroots base, developing content, arranging special events at the Capitol and taking constituents to meet with their legislators. When it’s important to explain our side of an issue beyond Salem, we arrange press conferences and opportunities with the media where our clients can press their point in person.  



Our Team